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Problem with games

October 07, 2022

I have an IPhone 8 and I have problems with all the games, a few weeks ago was sending me to a error page and I can’t download any game, the last week all the games send me a “unavailable offer” and this week is sending me to Google play store in the place of Apple Store! I don’t try yet to download nothing from the google store because I don’t know if will be working in my phone. Some ideas what I can do?

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easy SB

For offers that suddenly isn't on website anymore;

October 06, 2022

I just started swagbucks like few weeks ago and I'm just wondering:

If I accepted an offer and downloaded a game then, few days after, I don't see the offer on the website anymore, will I still be credited once I accomplish their required task? 'cause I don't want to waste my time on the game anymore if it won't.

Although I can still see the game with same required task but with lower SB offer on other trusted partners.. but, I'm also not sure if I can still accept that offer considering that it's for "new users only" and I've already started the game from the previous offer I accepted.

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Additional question: for Alu's Revenge 2, Mahjongg and Solitaire, is it 10SB per day regardless of which game I play (max for 3 of them if 10SB)? or I could get 10SB per day on each game separately each day (like total of 30SB)?

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easy SB

Star trek fleet command doesn't load anymore

October 06, 2022

Hey all. I started the star trek fleet command reach level 21 offer, and after about 2 and a half weeks of playing now, the game is not loading anymore. No matter what i try, reinstalling, waiting, it's always stuck at 76% and i have no clue why. This is more of a vent post as i have already put a lot of effort into this offer and now just before the finish line i get knocked down.

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