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Comprehensive Guide to complete Clone Evolution for 1400 SB

May 22, 2020

Task: You are required to collect 1 Orange Hero.

Rewards: 1400 SB while AdGem still offer double SB!

How long? Depends. Some never completed the offer but some completed it within 14 days. I got it in 10 days.

First of all, the Orange Hero you should aim for is Cleopatra. Trust me, she is the easiest to craft with a free-to-play player. Why? The materials to craft her mostly available in the shop which you can buy with things you earn from just playing 30 minutes a day. Here are the materials you need for an Orange Cleopatra:

  • 2 Cleopatra (Purple)
  • Little Dipper (Purple)
  • PKF (Purple)
  • King Arthur (Purple)
  • 2 Random-ass Fire Heroes (Purple)

Here are the details how to get them:

  1. 2 Cleopatra (Purple): The fragments of Cleopatra can be earned by leveling up (until level 75, which I complete the offer at level 50 only) or Supply Depot >> Arena. This means you will either 1) level up or 2) participate in the arena daily to earn her faster. Of course, you can also earn her in the Gene Bank.
  2. Little Dipper (Purple): This is the piece that you cannot earn by grinding - this depends on luck. This mother****** can only be earned in the Gene Bank (luck) or the Casino (luck). I received him from the Casino (I will mention this in details later in the post).
  3. PKF (Purple): This is another piece that requires luck. Again, you can receive him in the Gene Bank or the Casino (like I did). I will explain this in details later in the post.
  4. King Arthur (Purple): This is easy. A purple King Arthur roots from a blue King Arthur and some other blue heroes. The blue King Arthur can be achieved through either the Gene Bank or the Supply Depot >> Arena (I got him through the Supply Depot). The other blue heroes are also from the Gene Bank or the Supply Depot.
  5. 2 Random-ass Fire Heroes (Purple): Literally, any hero that is fire element are fine. You can upgrade a blue hero (fire element) to a purple one and you can just use that upgraded hero.

What would you do in a day?

I will not suggest anything specific but here is how my routine for my game goes. I like to go from the left to the right of the home screen, other than the miscellaneous tasks. I login three times a day, each for 10 minutes (after the first few days of course, this will be explained in the last section of the post). Once I login, here are my tasks:

  • Collect your Bonus for Monthly Attendance.
  • Check your mail for Bonuses (Arena, Login, Event, etc.).
  • Receive flowers and send flowers to friends.
  • With your guide, make sure that you join a strong one. collect the sign-in bonus also and attack the guide instances. Once those instances are defeated, you get a nice bonus to boost your troops. If there is a war, be sure to participate every 8 hour. You literally just need to attack only once.
  • Check out the Limited Event to see whether there is anything you can complete. From time to time, there would be events such as complete x Tavern Tasks for y prizes, or Arena wins, etc.
  • Expedition: Complete the Expedition until your troops' HP runs out. Use Free Refresh and run the Expedition again.
  • Tavern: Start every task in the Tavern. Remember to collect the prizes once they are completed.
  • Casino: Keep refreshing until you see either PKF (Blue) or Little Dipper (Purple). Do not refresh any further, until you receive one of the two. Say, you refresh and see Little Dipper, then use your casino chips to get them at all cost. That chance might never come twice.
  • Equipment Lab: Just star level up your equipment. I usually just do this on the Orange equipment only to save the materials.
  • Supply Depot: Only buy things that you need. Do not divert your attention to anything other than Cleopatra, King Arthur, any Fire purple heroes, the arena tickets, and casino chips (crucial).
  • Campaign: This is straight forward. Collect your auto-battle rewards, accelerate (2-hour) even if you use diamonds, and keep moving forward in the Campaign.
  • Training Center: Just simply upgrade your heroes (levels and stars).
  • Gene Bank: Use the free clones, and only clone the Advanced Clones if you have free ones or have accumulated 10 scrolls.
  • Darwin Lab: Upgrade your heroes' ranks here. Eventually, this will be where your Cleopatra will get upgraded to Orange. I do not usually go here unless I have a hero that needed to be up-ranked.
  • Airship: Sweep the golds, the iRobots, and the Ore here twice a day.
  • Arena: I just use my free battles (3 times) a day - and do not use my tickets. The reason is that, I want to save them for events of "Fighter's Carnival)" - you get rewards if you win the arena, so this is a nice bonus.
  • Institute: Upgrade your elements boosts here with any spare heroes (green and above).
  • Dungeon: Keep moving forward each floor and do the auto thing. Remember to collect it 2 hours later though.

I spend about an hour each day on the first few days, but after that, the game is pretty much going in and doing the same things until you reach the goal of the Orange hero. Good luck!

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