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Huuuge casino level 200, what worked for me.

July 08, 2020

I've done this a couple of times and wanted to share some tips and share what worked for me.

When you get the app the first thing that I usually do is try to find a club. If you can't find a good anyone can join club feel free to join a random gold club and look at the leaderboards for the clubs league and join the highest League Points club that's on there. If you find a better one later, join it.

After you find that club just spin and play slots like normal until it stops giving you the chests whenever your near out of chips and your leveling up (level 70-100?) Once your around that level what I found that worked for me was to leave cash madness on overnight at 1/5000 of your bet. 95% of the time cash madness will at least let you break even. Sometimes you come out ahead. What this also helps you do is finish your charm sets. Finishing your charm sets is where a lot of your chips are going to come from.

Once I got to around level 130 i had about 2.1 billion chips, so I started playing roulette to about level 160. I got an autoclicker app and just had it autoclick where the rebet button, ready button, and ok (leveling up screen) buttons are. Once I got to level 160 I just started playing games at 5-25M bet (I had 2B chips at this point). The thing is about the game is that most of them time within your first couple of spins you will hit a big win / free spins. I think this is to try and suck you into wasting a lot more chips than necessary. So what I did was just bounce around a ton of slots hitting the big win then leaving. If I started going below the 1 billion mark I would start betting 5M instead of higher until I hit a fairly big win that put me above 1B again.

I ended up finishing level 200 with about 1.2B chips because near the end (level 196?) i hit a 800M win at 10M bet that let me finish it off.

Some more things that I noticed were that at around level 130 I started losing a lot of chips on cash madness. If this starts happening, (if you lose 1/10 of your chips) leave and just do roulette for a day or 2. I'm pretty sure that huuuuge is just trying to take your chips back. This normally happens after one hits a really big win or has been able to build up chips.

Overall, it's worth it while its at 5200 SB. I spent no money whatsoever and it took about 12 days. Hopefully some of my tips help you. Feel free to ask any questions if you have them.

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